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Hi, I'm Andrew

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Hi, this is Andrew

I am a Small business owner focused on helping businesses develop effective  Shipping programs across North America. 

These Strategies are vital to businesses to compete in the world marketplace. 

However, as a business owner, I have always been concerned about the vulnerability of my business and Family because of exposure to potential threats from Legal and Cybercrime events that could potentially wipe us out.

I needed to find ways to protect myself and my family, so I sought experts to help me 

I looked for Resources and Expertise but discovered that while available they are very expensive and out of Reach for my business. 

I discovered a solution from a suite of business services from PPLSI, a 50-year-old company specializing in the Protection of Small to medium-sized businesses like mine.

They provided the same protections that big businesses enjoyed but at an affordable Small business budget

I know that Expected an unexpected legal matters and privacy cyber attacks can come up every day and the consequence can be destructive and Business owners are vulnerable 


Every business needs legal and privacy protection but Owners should make sure they put  coverage in place that Safeguards their Business that comprehensive and affordable   

That is why I became an Independent Small Business Associate with PPLSI and created ITP STRATEGIES to be a resource to business owners on ways to Safeguard and Empower their Families Businesses’ and Employees Assets with custom Designed Plans from  PPLSi to meet their needs, at  a cost that fits their budget.

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